BREAKING: Appeals Court Rules in Favor of Corrupt DOJ, Lifts Hold Barring DOJ From Classified Documents Taken from Mar-a-Lago

The cycle of events surrounding the FBI raid of President Trump’s private residence continues to twist and turn. Initially, most experts believed the predawn raid was politically motivated and completely unnecessary. Regardless, it has turned into a media spectacle.

The FBI and the Department of Justice have consistently screamed for secrecy. But why are they so adamant about keeping things “hush-hush” while at the same time leaking convenient tidbits to their corrupt buddies in the mainstream media?

The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals just rendered the most recent ruling. A panel of three judges removed a hold that barred the DOJ from using the documents taken during the Mar-a-Lago raid. This was a small win in favor of Biden’s corrupt DOJ.

However, does it really change the game? The new ruling supplants Judge Aileen Cannon’s for a “Special Master” to review everything taken during the raid. Judge Raymond Deari, the Special Master, can continue to review general documents taken.

Nevertheless, the 11th Circuit’s subsequent ruling puts approximately 100 records back in the hands of the DOJ to use. President Trump’s team is likewise blocked from reviewing them. This seems to be another strange development designed to keep this whole situation a secret.

Why doesn’t the DOJ want an outside, neutral party to assess the degree of importance of these documents? Does it have something to do with trying to prevent President Trump’s rightful assertion that these documents were actually declassified?

This single aspect of the raid never receives accurate coverage. If these documents were truly declassified, the DOJ’s case is baseless. It would prove to be just another “hit job” against the former president. Even the 11th Circuit judges fail to appreciate this important detail.

The judges wrote, “Plaintiff suggests that he may have declassified these documents when he was President, but the record contains no evidence that any of these records were declassified.” Where do they think these so-called “records” are supposed to come from?

President Trump’s lawyers quickly countered this potentially absurd argument. In response, his lawyers wrote, “He (President Trump) had a standing order that documents removed from the Oval Office and taken into the residence were deemed to be declassified.”

President Trump’s office clearly laid out the process to declassify documents. They told Just the News. “The power to classify and declassify documents rests solely with the President of the United States.”

The statement continued by insisting, “The idea that some paper-pushing bureaucrat, with classification authority delegated by the president, needs to approve of declassification is absurd.”

As this radically politicized attack on a former president unfolds, expect new legal challenges from both sides. Joe Biden’s crooked DOJ wants everything to remain “hush-hush.” But why?

President Trump wants everything exposed to the American people. We think we know why. He’s innocent, and this was another corrupt, liberal hit job on him and his supporters.

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