BREAKING! Arizona Audit Final Reports from Cyber Ninjas Were Edited!

Over the weekend, the company handling the Arizona election audit released a final report. Cyber Ninjas’ report, which scoured the results from Maricopa County, Arizona, seemed to be suspiciously weak on substance.

In fact, there seems to be a mysterious number of omissions. Journalists following this important story closing indicate that the final report seems “watered down”. Some are asking what is actually missing from the all-important final determination.

For example, one key piece from the original draft is not included in the Executive Summary. This key portion applied mathematical logic to the number of ballots that were in question. It compared these in relation to the total number of ballots the Biden ticket supposedly earned.

Questionable ballots made up over 5-times the margin of victory for candidate Joe Biden. The draft of the Executive Summary indicated this number was so large that the election results should not be certified.

The final results for President of the United States in Maricopa County, Arizona were deemed unreliable. More to the point, Joe Biden didn’t carry Arizona. How many more discrepancies would it take before President Trump’s supposedly unfounded claims of election fraud become well-founded facts?

When will the truth reveal, the election everyone on the liberal left says wasn’t stolen, really was? Why was the clear indication that the election results from Maricopa County should not be certified removed from the final report?

Who made the decision to eliminate this revealing evidence? Why was it removed? It appears that a report that was designed to cast a beacon of light in defense of U.S. Election integrity has only provoked more questions. The next big question to ask is not necessarily why the final report is so weak on substance, but who authorized the omissions and why?

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