BREAKING: Biden Pulls Out of New Hampshire Event After Shocking News

Well, well, well. It looks like Joe Biden may not be the Democratic nominee after all as everyone was expecting. I'm sure he'll blame it on Donald Trump also, I mean Biden isn't to blame is he. He did absolutely nothing wrong right? Give me a break.

Biden is already expecting his second loss. He lost big time in the Iowa Caucus and now he's about to lose New Hampshire as well.

As early numbers come in, Biden is sitting all the way down in 5th place, losing out to Amy Klobuchar, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and even Andrew Yang.

I would say that at this point Biden may even be the next to drop out of the race.

According to Fox News,

The campaign confirmed Biden is now canceling his originally scheduled appearance at a primary night party in Nashua, N.H., and will be in South Carolina instead. The New Hampshire party will go on as scheduled without him. But the campaign emphasized that Biden would continue to stop by polling stations during the afternoon.

Nevada and South Carolina follow New Hampshire – which is an overwhelmingly white state – in the presidential nominating calendar. Biden’s campaign has long considered Nevada and South Carolina – with their far more diverse electorates – as much friendlier ground for the former vice president.

Biden, who limped into New Hampshire after a lackluster fourth-place finish in last week’s Iowa caucuses, said Monday night to his supporters: “Stick with me 24 hours and we’re going to be just fine. We’re going to win this nomination.”

On Tuesday he said he was still “mildly hopeful” about his prospects in New Hampshire, while also downplaying expectations consistently for the Granite State.

“I took a hit in Iowa and I’m probably going to take a hit here,” Biden said in a striking moment at the top of Friday night’s Democratic presidential nomination debate.

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