BREAKING! Brian Laundrie FOUND! The Hunt is Over and Here's What They Found

The hunt for Brian Laundrie has been a case that has consumed the entire country. The death of Gabby Petito and the search for her killer.

The primary suspect in the case is Brian Laundrie, who was Gabby's fiancé.

Initially, I was very suspicious of Brian's parents being the ones who happened to find some of his items. It just seemed too convenient.

Seriously though, what are the odds that his parents find his belongings while the FBI, police, Dog the Bounty Hunter, and several other agencies all have trouble finding anything.

I suspected that Brian's parents want everyone to believe that he's dead and that perhaps they'll do anything to make that seem like the case, including planting items. I was even wondering what sort of human remains were found. Was it an entire body or a couple fingers or what? Because I honestly wouldn't put it past Brian to try and make it appear as though he was dead by them discovering some fingers or something in hopes of them abandoning the hunt. If that is indeed his thought, he's an idiot, but I would say that he definitely is an idiot. What reason would he have for killing a girl like Gabby? They fought? So what? People fight. My wife and I get into arguments just like any married couple does.

Of course, this was all just a theory of mine. But it is suspicious to say the least.

Once the human remains were found nearby, that made things a little less suspicious because he really could be dead. The conditions out there in the area that they've been searching are very treacherous conditions. The water is deep and there are animals out there that want to kill you such as rattlesnakes, water moccasins, and alligators.

So while his body has been identified, this does provide justice at the hand of God himself, but it doesn't really bring any closure as to what exactly happened that led to the murder of Gabby.

However, the search took a crazy turn in that the authorities have discovered the bodies of three other individuals. They have yet to reveal the identities of the others but should be announces in due time.

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