BREAKING: Maricopa County Did not Have ‘Admin’ Access to the 2020 Election...So Who Did?

With each passing day, we are learning more and more about what happened in the election in Maricopa County (and likely the rest of the country) as the forensic audit continues.

Now get this, Maricopa County's Election team says that they do not have "Admin" access to their voting machines. In other words, there is no system administrator.

System administrators are critical to the reliable and successful operation of an organization and its network operations center and data center. A sysadmin must have expertise with the system’s underlying platform (i.e., Windows, Linux) as well as be familiar with multiple areas including networking, backup, data restoration, IT security, database operations, middleware basics, load balancing, and more. Sysadmin tasks are not limited to server management, maintenance, and repair, but also any functions that support a smoothly running production environment with minimal (or no) complaints from customers and end users.

So what does this mean? Well, the obvious answer is that someone else has "admin" access to their voting machines and they don't, which is a huge concern.

It's very likely that if it wasn't them who had the admin access to the voting machines, then it would have been Dominion themselves which is not a good thing, especially in light of everything else that we know.

All of the pieces of the puzzle are starting to come together, at least in Maricopa County, Arizona and I just hope that this is the push that will get the ball rolling in many other states so that they will start examining their election results as well.

Honestly, it should be mandatory to perform an integrity check before and after the election to verify that everything was legitimate. I guarantee you that if the outcome of the election would have been flipped and there were accusations of fraud, the Democrats would be having an audit done in every single county.

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