BREAKING: New Discovery in Jeffrey Epstein Case, Deadly Item Found in Jail Where He Died

Jeffrey Epstein has been dead for seven months now, yet there is still a ton of debate as to what actually happened on the night of his death.

If could have been easy to know what happened had the cameras been working, or the guards were actually stopping by to do their job by checking in on Epstein instead of leaving him alone in his cell with a ton of sheets.

It's said that he hanged himself in his cell that night, but there sure is a lot of evidence that suggests otherwise.

They say too much coincidence is no coincidence, and I'm definitely inclined to believe it in this case.

I lean towards the side that he was murdered.

The case is still being investigated and a massive discovery was just made.

Federal investigators found a loaded gun in the jail where Epstein was being held. It's unclear who put it there or how long it's been there, and I'm sure that just like the night of Epstein's death, the surveillance cameras are were not working so that they could find out.

According to Fox News,

The handgun was located by Bureau of Prisons officers inside a housing unit at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan, prison officials said in a statement to the AP. It marked a massive breach of protocol and raised serious questions about the security practices in place at the Bureau of Prisons, which is responsible for more than 175,000 federal inmates, and specifically at the jail, which had been billed as one of the most secure in America. Officials have not said where specifically the gun had been found, or how it had been smuggled inside the jail.

Meanwhile, federal prosecutors opened a criminal investigation into potential misconduct by guards, focusing on the flow of contraband into the lockup uncovered during the search for the gun, three people familiar with the matter told the AP. They were not authorized to discuss the investigation and spoke on condition of anonymity.

Attorney General William Barr named a new director last week to take charge of the agency, which has been the subject of intense scrutiny since Epstein took his own life while in custody in August. But the agency has been plagued for years by serious misconduct, violence and a chronic staffing shortage.

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