BREAKING NEWS: TIGER KING Attorney for Missing Husband Says Carol Baskins "...In A World of Trouble Now"

If you're like most Americans, you've probably watched the Netflix docuseries "Tiger King".

There is a lot of speculation as to whether or not Carol Baskins had her husband killed and fed to the tigers.

Now, the attorney for the missing husband says that he believes that the signature that appears on a document which gives Baskins all of his money is actually a forgery.

"I believe it was traced," lawyer Joseph Fritz, former attorney and friend to Don Lewis, told Nancy Grace in an exclusive interview on Fox Nation's "Crime Stories."

"Somebody sat at my office and had the pictures and was able to lay one over the other on their cellphone and they are a perfect match," he continued, noting that typically a person's signature shows at least a minimum variation.

"If the signature of Don Lewis was traced. Carol Baskin is in a whole world of trouble now," said Grace.

Lewis went missing in 1997, after meeting Baskin in 1980 and leaving his wife and children to marry her. His estate, believed to be worth up to $10 million at the time, was left to Baskin and his family was cut out.

Fritz suspects that his former client was murdered. He told Grace in a previous episode of "Crime Stories" that he has reason to believe that Lewis was strangled and thrown out of an airplane over the Gulf of Mexico.

Now, a number of handwriting experts are raising questions over the legitimacy of the documents that controlled his fortune.

Now, to be honest, I have a hard time believing much of anything that is on the same program as Nancy Grace. She has a tendency to sensationalize whatever news is being discussed.

I mean I get it, I understand why she does it, and I'm sure she is genuinely shocked by many things, but some of it is just hype and not really based on factual evidence.

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