BREAKING: Primary Target of Durham Investigation Is REVEALED by Former US Attorney

US Attorney John Durham has been continuously working through President Trump's impeachment and throughout the coronavirus outbreak to take down those involved in the coup attempt against the President.

It's almost as though his sole mission is to bring these traitors to justice, which honestly, I'd be perfectly okay with given how many people would come down as a result of this.

According to former US Attorney Joe diGenova told Howie Carr on his show that the investigation was indeed ongoing and that the primary focus has now shifted towards none other than John Brennan.

One of the more interesting revelations is what I have confirmed with my sources, is that John Brennan is in fact the focus, the main focus of the investigation. And, a number of former intelligence officers have been interviewed and apparently testified about a series of questions involving the production of the famous assessment done after the election which of course was a phony assessment.

It was a constructed document. It was not in fact an assessment of anything and that is very interesting because they are looking at what Brennan did and what he asked other people to do in terms of that and some other things as well. So apparently Mr. Durham has not been deterred by the virus.

They [Durham and his team] are clearly looking at abuse of power. In other words, were the resources of the CIA illegally used to undertake domestic terrorist investigations? Were the resources of the CIA used to illegally create a plot to either falsely lead FBI officials into a scheme or to conspire with FBI officials to deny certain people their civil rights.

Hopefully, Brennan and all the other scumbags involved in the coup attempt will be swiftly brought to justice. Given everything that we know already and what Brennan has even revealed to CNN, former President Obama may even get swept away in this whirlwind as well because we know that he was involved in all of this as well.

Don't be surprised if we start "mysteriously" seeing some of these individuals die unexpectedly.

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