BUSTED: Michigan News Channel Posts Results to Republican Primary Election — That’s Not Until Next Week!

It’s often said that liars and cheaters will eventually tell on themselves. Cheaters are especially prone to eventually getting caught. However, it’s truly a special moment when they basically expose themselves. That’s pretty much what happened recently in Michigan.

The results of the Michigan Republican primary were published on Michigan New Channel 3. Both winners would meet the approval of Michigan’s progressive liberals. Democrats will find spineless Republicans such as Tudor Dixon and Trump detractor Peter Meijer easy prey.

With the way the American people now perceive the failing Democrat Party, running against weak conservatives is the best chance they have. So, Dixon and Meijer as primary winners is an encouraging sign for potential Democrat opponents. They’re easier to beat.

There’s one problem with News Channel 3’s posted results. The election is still a week away. The Michigan Republican primary hasn’t even happened yet. This sounds like the epitome of an “oops” moment. According to the news segment, all precincts were 100 percent reported.

The graph shows Dixon and Meijer running away with their primaries, each winning by double-digits. John Moolenaar and Tim Walberg each won their districts in far closer races.

So, where did News Channel 3 get these numbers? Did they just pull them out of the sky?

This sounds eerily similar to the mysterious election numbers that kept being reported during the 2020 presidential election. Independent Citizen Journalist, Brian Lupo, pressed the news station to answer a simple question.

Lupo asked, “How is it you have election results when we haven’t voted in the primaries yet?” News Channel 3 replied, “An affiliate is testing our election system.” Okay, so Lupo asked another question. “Who’s the affiliate?” You could hear the crickets.

Not a word, because there isn’t one. Michigan News Channel 3 is either behind a scheme to cheat hardline conservatives during the Republican primary, or they’re trying to manipulate the election. Michigan News Channel 3 is a CBS affiliate.

They are just another local cog in the corrupt left-leaning mainstream media machine. The mainstream media helps to manipulate elections in favor of radical left-wing candidates. How funny, but this time they told on themselves. If we just hang in there, cheaters always get caught.

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