BUSTED: Ballot Chaser Names Politicians Paying Her to Buy Votes to Rig Elections

James O'Keefe at Project Veritas has been busy during the past few months exposing mass voter fraud in multiple states across the country.

One of the biggest accusations that is accompanied by video evidence is in Minnesota in which people are harvesting ballots and paying people to vote for particular candidates.

They also allege that Rep. Ilhan Omar is behind the whole scheme, especially since it involves mostly the Somali community.

Now, an even more piece has been put out by Project Veritas exposing more corruption but this time in Texas.

This video is actually the second part of a recent string of videos and it shows a "Republican" woman who is caught on camera admitting that politicians pay her to rig the elections. She says that she makes between $5-$8 per vote and that number can be very high if they need a lot of votes.

“My people are undercover because some of them are Republicans,” she said. “Some of them are Democrats. Some of them are just wanting to get the right people in office, so some of the Republicans are precinct chairs that cannot be known because they could get kicked out, but they want to help Biden--and so that's how they're helping me.”

The woman, Raquel Rodriguez said she was also hired to help candidates running for judge.

“So, those three judges that you’re talking about, and that's her name? Renee Yanta, Nicole Garza, right? They're paying me $3,500. Me, $3,500 to make sure that their name is on the ballot,” she said. Yanta is a Republican and Garza is a Democrat.

Rodriguez even said she looks forward to judges, like Yanta, being in her debt.

“Renee Yanta, she's running for [judge], so the thing is, I'm going to have people like that with me, like in my pocket, you know what I'm saying?” she said.

Fortunately, this woman is likely going to prison now because she's been exposed not just by Project Veritas, but local news stations in Texas have picked up on the story and the attorney general is now on the case as well.

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