China Is Just Crazy About Trump's Granddaughter!

Trump is visiting several Asian countries this week and brought along his 6-year-old granddaughter, Arabella Rose Kushner, and apparently, the young lady has some crazy Mandarin speaking skills!

Enough to earn praise from the Chinese leader Xi Jinping but also several citizens of the country.

President Trump posted shows Xi a video featuring young Arabella as she greats the leader and his wife. She then sings some ballads, all in Mandarin.

Here's a video of the Chinese leader being shown the above video:

As reported by Yahoo! News:

China's Xinhua state news agency, which circulated the clip widely on social media, reported that Xi said the six-year-old girl's Mandarin skills deserved an "A+".

The Chinese public agreed, according to Chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying.

"As a little ambassador of Chinese-American friendship, Arabella has already received the love of a vast number of Chinese people," Hua said during a regular press briefing Thursday.

"This kind of special arrangement is actually very sweet and warm-hearted. We believe that this has helped to further bring closer the affection and distance between the Chinese and American people."

Arabella also played a starring role at the state dinner organized by Xi in Trump's honor at the Great Hall of the People on Thursday night.

The full video, which Trump brought as a gift for Xi, was played on screens in the room, earning her a mention in her grandfather's toast.

"Our children so often remind us of our shared humanity and true dignity," Trump, 71, said.

Weibo, China's Twitter-like platform, was filled with praise for Arabella's performance Thursday, though it was unclear how many comments related to Trump's visit had been censored.

"She's too cute!" users gushed. "Let's hope that she marries into a Chinese family."

Though Arabella's language skills aren't very new. A simple Youtube video shows a plethora of videos showing the young lady speaking mandrin all over the place!


It seems that President Trump's visit to China is going well as he recently said: "As far as China is concerned, my relationship, as you know, with President Xi is also excellent. I like him a lot. I consider him a friend. He considers me a friend," Trump said earlier this week in Japan, his first stop in Asia. "With that being said, he represents China; I represent the United States. His views are different on things."

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