China's New Nuclear Missile is Absolutely Terrifying and a Threat to the Entire Planet

China is the most threatening communist dictatorship on the planet. They are the number one adversary of the United States. China’s militant communist party is a threat to the globe. That threat just became even more intense.

The most recent act of global military defiance shocked U.S. Intelligence Military experts. China launched a new type of nuclear-capable missile. The missile has the capability to circle the globe. Circling at a low orbit, nuclear bombs can be detonated at any point along the path.

While this test launch missed its target by 24-miles, the scope of devastation would still be catastrophic if it hit anywhere inside the U.S. borders. The launch came from one of what are now an estimated 120 missile silo fields across this region of China.

This advanced space capability caught U.S. military experts by surprise. It presents a new and increasingly ominous threat to our nation. The current misguided ambitions of the United States Military are to purge conservative dissension and create a weakened “woke military”.

All the while, China is developing missile technology that places every inch of the planet in jeopardy. To be naive enough to believe that any objective or goal of the Chinese Communist Party is noble is wrought with folly.

They aspire to take control of the planet, both militarily and economically. China is America’s most dangerous adversary. This recent missile test makes them the most present adversary of every nation on every inch of the globe.

Thinking that China has any intention of being a friend to the world is foolish. No country would pursue missile capability that can encircle the planet if they were not going to use it. U.S. Military officials can be surprised, but they better start getting prepared to push back before it’s too late.

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