Christian Church Permits Rep. Ilhan Omar To Preach and Pray Islamic Prayer From Altar

Rep. Ilhan Omar was invited to speak what looks to be a Roman Catholic church recently.

Let me stop there first. Ilhan Omar is a hateful practicing Muslim and she should not even be allowed to set foot inside a church service unless she is truly seeking Christ. The church is not a place for unbelievers, but believers because the Church is the body of Christ.

But the fact that this church let her come and speak tells me all I need to know about the church. They have completely compromised.

Omar is a Muslim woman who is tied to terrorist organizations. So not only should she not be there, but I'm certain that the church invited her to speak. She didn't just randomly show up because other members of Congress were there as well.

Not only are they allowing a woman who hates the God of the Bible and serves a false god, but she's letting an unrepentant woman who is in favor of abortion, stealing from the rich, is a known liar, and has committed tax fraud speak...about ISLAM!

“Alhamdullilah for the opportunity to serve my constituents, to care for my children and have a wonderful love in my life. This is a prayer a read on the start of Congress and feel grounded in its blessings. Thank you all for standing with me and for our progressive movement!”

Then Omar proceeded to pray this Islamic prayer at the church,

Allah, put courage into my heart, and take away all that may hinder me in serving you. Free my tongue to proclaim your goodness, that all may understand me.

Give me friends to advise and help me, that by working together our efforts may bear abundant fruit. And, above all, let me constantly remember that my actions are worthless unless they are guided by your hand.

Allah, may everything that I do start well and finish well. Sustain me with your power. And in your power let me drive away (all falsehood, ensuring that truth may always triumph.)

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