Chuck Schumer Says Nancy Pelosi is ‘In Trouble,’ Says Democrats Will Lose House

During the midterm election in the United States, all 435 seats in the House of Representatives are up for reelection. One-third of the seats in the U.S. Senate are on the ballot as well. The large number of ballot decisions creates a lot of room for change.

For various reasons, it’s common that the party in the White House loses seats in the House of Representatives. Often, the wave is dramatic. During other midterms, the overturn of the political makeup of the House is minimal. Nevertheless, it seems to always happen.

History says that there will be a shift in numbers. The current House of Representatives is divided by the slimmest of margins. The 117th Congressional House’s makeup is going to change. Many experts predict Republicans will add as many as 50 to their current 212 seats.

Others project more modest gains. When polling is close in political races, Republicans have invariably outperformed the estimates. This is a strange phenomenon that’s grown exceedingly more baffling.

Nevertheless, Republicans are looking to regain control of at least one branch of Congress. Political experts believe there are no fewer than 10 seats positioned to flip. Despite their idle hopes, Democrats aren’t projected to have a shot at flipping many current Republican seats.

Some Republican lawmakers are remaining cautious. Others are rambunctiously zealous about the GOP’s chances. A true indicator of what might transpire in November is how leading Democrats feel. There are liberal talking heads who think they might maintain control.

Democrats won’t. The likelihood of a red wave might have been signaled during a swanky night out on the town. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer was out dining with six other Democrat senators. Apparently, they didn’t have enough good judgment to temper their volume.

Other patrons at Trattoria Alberto overheard their conversation. The seven liberal lawmakers were discussing their party’s prospects in the upcoming midterms. Most voiced a cautious optimism that Democrats wouldn’t lose control of the Senate.

As Senate races heat up, that clearly remains to be seen. But even Chuck Schumer can read the writing on the wall for House Democrats. Schumer thinks his old partner in the lower chamber is “in trouble.” Schumer thinks he has a chance to keep his seat as majority leader.

However, he doesn’t think Nancy Pelosi will be as fortunate. Schumer was overheard saying he believes President Donald Trump will run again in 2024 as well. November is about how voters’ sense candidates are going to address a host of competing priorities.

If Republicans, from city council members to United States Senators, attack a series of critical issues, they will win their elections. Americans are angry. Voters are tired of liberal, progressive policies. They can see what tax and spend fiscal policy is doing to their lives.

Americans see what open borders are doing to our nation. The country sees what Joe Biden’s weak-kneed foreign policy ideas are doing to our security. If candidates will focus their attention on these important issues, Republicans will begin the process of saving our country.

If they do not, they may lose. Another two years of liberal control of our federal government could finish the job of destroying America. If Republicans hang a 40-year spike in inflation around their Democrat opponent’s neck, it will strangle them.

Republicans must call out their liberal opposition’s support for an open border that has created a humanitarian crisis and chaos all across the U.S. Republicans must avoid the liberal’s penchant for trying to deflect the conversation. They’re going to try.

They’ll want to talk about “MAGA Republicans” and bogus investigations. President Trump’s time will be in the limelight ahead of the 2024 election. This is about saving America. Candidates cannot be distracted.

The game plan should be simple. Attack with the massive amount of ammunition Joe Biden’s radical liberals have handed them. Our country is collapsing. Joe Biden and progressive ideology are responsible. To stop it, voters must elect conservatives. It’s that simple.

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