Church Goers Not Playing Games with Pro-Abortion Mob Trying to Overrun Their Church

When the radical left burns down businesses, violently harasses police officers, or otherwise destroys communities, it’s because of righteous anger. However, when patriotic Americans protest their democratic right to a safe, secure election process, it’s somehow an insurrection.

The double standard is appalling. Recently, a staff member inside the United States Supreme Court illegally leaked a draft opinion from Justice Samuel Alito. The opinion was his legal explanation ahead of a potential Supreme Court ruling on Roe v. Wade.

Never in the history of the U.S. Supreme Court has this happened. It was unconscionable. There is an ongoing investigation to discover who leaked the documents and why. Regardless of who or why, the possible overturning of the contentious 1973 ruling has ignited extremists.

Staunch pro-abortion advocates have threatened Supreme Court justices. They protested outside Justice’s homes as well. Most of these protests remained relatively peaceful. However, pro-abortion radicals threw bottles and other objects at the Los Angeles police.

Not all protests have remained peaceful. Law enforcement in New York noted that known professional instigators infiltrated some groups. Pro-life members from the Church of the Blessed Sacrament on West 71st Street were cautioned to postpone their regular Sunday walk.

But some worshipers didn’t feel compelled to kowtow to the radical mob. Parishioners at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in Los Angeles pushed back. Pro-abortion protesters forced their way into a service wearing attire that resembled women in The Handmaiden’s Tale.

The protesters wore huge hats and red gowns with hoods. The costumes closely resembled those worn by an extreme leftist group, “Ruth Sent Us.” This radical organization threatened to disrupt Catholic services on Mother’s Day.

However, this time, God-fearing people refused to cower to the mob. Romangod7 tweeted, “Marxists try to disrupt Mass at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels. Security, ushers, and parishioners said they were not having it.”

Cellphone video taken during the incident showed a parishioner climbing over a pew to confront the protesters. Once this brave man got in their face, the cowardly protesters stopped their forward push and then turned and backed away.

The radical pro-abortion group Ruth Sent Us did not claim responsibility for the L.A. incident. These sadistic organizations advocate for the killing of innocent children. However, these parishioners exposed them for what they are. They’re a bunch of radical cowards.

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