Clinton Foundation Admits To Taking One MILLION Dollars of Donated Money from Qatar

Wasn't it proven, too, that they ripped of Haiti in a pretty bad way? I mean, the place is already 3rd world as.f but come on! So now, we have an admission from the Clinton Foundation to ripping off $1,000,000 (1 million dollars in case you couldn't tell) from Qatar, donated to celebrate Bill Clinton's 65th birthday... and these funds, well they weren't reported to the State Department.

Yet another "ethics violation" for the Clinton's, wouldn't you say?

And all of this was released by your friendly neighborhood WikiLeakers. I still don't know how I feel about that... like this is good, important, stuff to know but at the same time it's highly illegal... at least their gathering of the information.

In all, Qatar has given The Clinton Foundation $6,000,000 including the 1 million dollar gift. Which is like a 15-20% increase.

As written for Daily Wire by Hank Berrien:

Among the thousands of emails hacked from Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign chairman John Podesta and published by Wikileaks, one stated that officials from the government of Qatar gave the Clinton Foundation $1 million to celebrate Bill Clinton’s 65th birthday, funds which the foundation did not report to the State Department.

That would seemingly violate an ethics agreement Hillary Clinton signed when she became Secretary of State in 2009, in which she promised the foundation would notify the State Department's ethics official if a new foreign government wanted to donate or "increase materially" its contributions.

Qatari officials pledged the money in 2011; in April 2012 Amitabh Desai, the Clinton Foundation's foreign policy director, sent an email acknowledging the Qataris wanted to meet Bill Clinton “for five minutes” in New York City.

OOPS: Clinton Foundation Admits It Took $1 Million From Qatar And Forgot To Tell The Government

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