Colorado Mayor Bans Pledge Of Allegiance At Board Meetings, Threatens Members Who Ignored Him (VIDEO)

It is absolutely ridiculous what some of the people in this country come to. This whole world culture liberal ideology garbage has infected the people of this country and rotted their brains.

That sounds like a harsh way to put it but honestly, I can't think of a nicer way to say it.

This country has forgotten what it means to be patriotic and to be proud of the people who fought to give them the freedom to be disrespectful as they are. I'd like to see them go to China or North Korea and try pulling this sort of crap there they would get thrown into jail. Then let them complain about injustice.

This has been on display once again in Colorado after a mayor banned the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance at board meetings. This was something that he did unilaterally against the rest of the board.

Mayor Shane Fuhrman suspended the practice of saying the pledge during board meetings — but Town Trustee Molly Barela questioned his power to make that change.

“Due to direct and indirect threats, inappropriate comments in and out of public meetings, and the general divisiveness this is creating in our community, we will not be doing the Pledge of Allegiance during town of Silverton board of trustee meetings,” Fuhrman stated. The mayor did not provide any specific information about the alleged threats and comments.

After a short back-and-forth, Barela stated, “This is not up for discussion at this moment, but if you’d like to add to the next agenda…”

Later in the meeting, during the public comment period, an individual said she wanted to recite the pledge. Two board members and a handful of attendees stood and recited it — prompting Fuhrman to say they were out of order.


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