Comedian Gets Last Laugh After Getting Canceled by Woke Venue

Comedians tell jokes. Invariably, someone may find reason to take offense to a particular joke. However, that’s the whole idea behind many standup comedy skits. They’re just that, jokes. No comedian tries to purposefully degrade or belittle anyone.

Nevertheless, in this new age of wokeism and cancel culture, some think if it offends you, you have some noble call to shut it down. It makes no difference if your assertions are based in reality or not. When our feelings are hurt, it’s someone’s fault.

This someone must be canceled. It’s an absolutely insane way of thinking or dealing with a world that will prove offensive from time to time. Life itself can be offensive. Comedians are entrusted with helping us all learn how to laugh at offensiveness.

Well, it appears one performance venue in Toronto decided to become judge and jury for the offensive police. Massey Hall in Toronto chose to censor the jokes of a popular standup comedian. His “inappropriate jokes” got him canceled.

Andrew Schulz was bringing his “Infamous Tour” across the U.S. border into Canada for a single date at Massey Hall. Schulz is known for his rather cutting-edge, audience-engaging jokes. Seems that coordinators at Massey Hall thought some of Schulz’s work was “inappropriate”.

Yes, cancel culture has now anointed itself the keeper of which jokes are appropriate, and which ones are inappropriate. However, Schulz got the “last laugh” over this cancellation. Massey Hall said they no longer wanted “inappropriate jokes” on their stage.

So, what did Schulz do? The popular comedian took his talents elsewhere. In fact, by moving his show away from the censoring bigotry at the Massey Hall, Schulz sold out another venue multiple times.

We’re not lost on the irony that an industry, which thrives on “not conforming to political correctness” is censored for being “politically incorrect”. Furthermore, Schulz found it ironically inconvenient that he received notice of his cancellation one week before tickets went on sale.

Seems the cancel culture pundits at Massey Hall wanted to do more than just exercise their power to censor. They tried to hurt Schulz financially. It didn’t work. Through the dedicated efforts of his staff, Schulz was able to find another venue last minute.

Schulz booked the Meridian Hall in Toronto. Schulz’s team worried it would be hard to sell out an auditorium that seated over 400. Their apprehension wasn’t necessary. Schulz sold out Meridian Hall in seven minutes.

If that wasn’t enough to turn the tables on Massey Hall, Schulz sold out his new stage two more times. After a second show sold every available ticket in about an hour, Schulz added a third Toronto show. Schulze tweeted out a “thank you” to Toronto fans.

“It turns out the great people of Toronto enjoy some inappropriate jokes.” he tweeted. Another young comedian endured the wrath of cancel culture recently. Shane Gillis was kicked off “Saturday Night Live” for what were deemed inappropriate jokes.

Seems every joke that doesn’t attack conservatives is inappropriate to “SNL” producers. Like Schulz, Gillis got the last laugh. Gillis had over a million viewers for his recent comedy special. He should thank “SNL” for the free advertising.

It’s refreshing when someone flips the script on cancel culture. One comedian accomplished just that. Andrew Schulz transformed what might have otherwise been deemed a negative into a surprisingly lucrative outcome. Seems this comedian had the last laugh on the cancel culture.

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