‘Muslim Community Patrol' Imitates Police

The ‘Muslim Community Patrol' is dressing up its people in blue police-like uniforms and give them cruisers that are identical to the same ones used by NYC police.

They remind me of the Sharia Police that are used in other parts of NY. Things are beginning to look like a Sharia Law enforcement operation.

The ‘Muslim Community Patrol' is self-funded. In Brooklyn, the Sharia police are getting bolder and they are buying more cars and adding more enforcement officers.

You knew this kind of thing could only happen in an ultra-liberal city. They claim they exist to prevent acts of hate against Muslims, but just how many attacks against Muslims are there?

From The Gateway Pundit

While this story isn’t new to those paying attention to Rebel Media’s or Laura Loomer’s recent reporting, the Muslims in Brooklyn have become emboldened and are now expanding their fleet of patrol cars and adding more patrol officers this month.

According to the New York Times, Maeen Ali, who came to the US from Yemen in 1990 set up the Muslim Community Patrol after fearing for his children’s safety after he saw ‘anti-Muslim’ hate online.

“That just boiled inside of me,” said Mr. Ali, 38, told The New York Times. “That’s when I said to myself that it was really important to come out and protect Muslims in the community.”

Maeen Ali is one of 30 people of the all-volunteer Sharia Muslim Community Patrol with a goal of expanding the fleet of patrol cars from 2 to 5 by the end of the month.

The New York Times reported that the Muslim community received a huge backlash after photos of the Muslim Community Patrol cars went viral on social media.

A flurry of phone calls flooded the 68th precinct which led police officials to hold an introductory meeting with Muslim Community Patrol members to discuss parameters: Call 911 if they encounter something suspicious, and take no enforcement action on their own. “We expect them to follow the law in general,” a Police Department spokesman said.

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