Crazed Liberal Facing Jailtime After Forcing Own Son to Take Extreme Quarantine Measure

A global pandemic has raged now for nearly 2-years. Leaked from a virology lab in Wuhan, China, COVID-19 has turned the world upside down. Bureaucratic professionals have made an already destructive virus even worse.

Radical government officials and so-called scientific experts have used the virus. They have waged a battle of mind control. There has been so much fear-mongering, people feel threatened by their own family members.

We’ve seen people wearing masks while driving alone in their car. People have been spotted wearing masks while exercising outdoors, yards away from another person. “Follow the science” has been the constant plea.

However, much of what the supposed medical experts propose is often the complete opposite of the science. The level of confusion is astounding. It’s crazy. One Texas woman proves how psychotic some people have become.

What makes the story even more bizarre is the knowledge that this woman has worked for over a decade as a teacher. Evidently, Sarah Beam suspected that her son had been infected with COVID-19.

The first decision Beam made was to make certain. That appears to be the last intelligent choice the 41-year-old mother made. The COVID crazies got a hold of her common sense. Beam loaded up her son to haul him to a testing center in Houston.

When Beam pulled up to the testing center outside Ken Pridgeon Stadium, site workers heard a noise. The strange sounds were coming from the trunk of the car. Apparently, while Beam made a smart decision to get her son tested, stuffing the boy in the trunk of her car wasn’t one.

Bevin Gordon was the health services director at the Ken Pridgeon site. Beam was asked to stop her car and open the trunk. What they found was a shocker, for sure. There, lying down in the trunk of the car, was Beam’s son.

Arrest records indicate the Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District teacher thought it a smart idea to lock her kid in the trunk of the car to keep him isolated. We’re not kidding. The child was removed from the trunk and placed in the backseat.

Video surveillance cameras verify that Beam walked around to the back of her car, opened the trunk, and her son climbed out. Law enforcement was notified immediately. The Cypress Fairbanks ISD Police Department issued a warrant for Sarah Beam’s arrest on Friday.

We’re sure, if the truth be known, there are going to be a ton of strange stories about COVID paranoia. However, the COVID insanity that drove a woman to lock her kid in the trunk of the car will rank high on most lists. Bureaucrats and politicians have constantly used fear.

Paranoia has been the result. Evidently, this Texas woman didn’t have much confidence in masks. It’s a sign of the times. China unleashed a deadly virus. Politicians have unleashed something even worse, the COVID crazies.

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