Crazy Nancy Pelosi Receives a Resounding Chorus of Boos from Her Own People

You’d think when among pals, people would at least act as if they liked you. But when your own “people” display a resounding sense of disapproval, it probably means they don’t like you much. If you’re a public official, maybe it’s time to go. It’s way past that time for Crazy Nancy Pelosi.

How someone with such an abrasive and unlikable personality ever ascended to one of the top roles in the Democrat Party is baffling. Certainly, there was a little chicanery going on that helped push Nancy Pelosi into the most powerful position in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Nevertheless, the writing on the wall says those days are soon going to be over. Many don’t believe Nancy Pelosi will have enough support from within her own party to continue as Speaker of the House regardless of the midterm outcomes. She’s just not the most likable person.

Sure, getting things done in Washington, D.C. doesn’t necessarily mean you must be likable, at least not all the time. Nonetheless, Nancy comes across as a pompous ass. That’s because she is. A full audience packed with a high percentage of blue-bellied liberals agreed.

Pelosi thought it wise to make a surprise appearance at the NYC Global Citizen Music Festival. The New York City-heavy audience was certainly stocked full of mostly Marxist types. One might assume that they’d love the leader of the radicalized, socialism-pushing progressive party.

Apparently not. After Indian actress Priyanka Chopra Jonas introduced Pelosi, dressed in all white like Frosty the Snowman, the reception turned icy cold. Pelosi seemed awestruck as she was greeted with a resounding chorus of boos. Even her own tribe doesn’t like Nancy Pelosi.

But at least Nancy Pelosi has something to look forward to. It’s likely that her fellow liberal colleagues in the U.S. House of Representatives will give her a warm round of applause in appreciation of her time as Speaker of the House.

However, it will be the final time Nancy Pelosi will receive such an undeserved ovation. The public accolades she deserves should mirror what she got at the Global Citizen Music Festival. Crazy Nancy deserves a resounding chorus of boos for helping to drag America down.

She is sailing towards the end of her disastrous reign in the “people’s house.” Soon, Nancy Pelosi will be a faint memory, sort of like a nagging itch from an aggravating rash. Nancy will soon hear a resounding wave of applause as she passes the gavel to a Republican speaker.

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