Crooked Hillary Demands President Trump Pay Her Legal Fees!

The U.S. judicial process is supposed to be non-partisan. Judges, whether appointed or elected by the people, are required to be politically unaffected. Their decisions cannot reflect any tendency towards any political ideology.

We suppose that’s the way it should be in a perfect world. But it’s not. The most blatant judicial partisanship comes from judges with ties to the progressive left. It’s understandable, we suppose. To control society, a single ruling class must control the legal system.

To control the U.S. legal system so they can weaponize it against their political opponents and citizens alike, Democrats need to input like-minded judges. When cases come before their bench that challenge the radical left’s ideology, these judges will rule accordingly.

In essence, they’re “in the tank” for a political party. It’s completely contradictory to how the Founding Fathers established America’s three-tier system of government. The executive, legislative, and judicial branches must remain mutually exclusive.

The executive and legislative branches are composed of a foundation of elected officials, including the President of the United States. These elected officers appoint certain officials. Many lower-level judges are elected as well, but not at the federal level.

The current president appoints most high-level judicial positions, especially circuit court judges. This is where the premise of “politically unbiased” is imperative. In today’s politically charged United States, it just isn’t. And, as we mentioned, the reasons are clear.

Democrat appointed judges politicize their authority to render rulings and decisions based on the liberal left’s agenda. It’s as close to Marxism as any issue befalling our great democracy. Americans can see it with their own two eyes. A political party cannot control the judicial system.

The bias has bled into the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) and the FBI. Federal law enforcement, including the judicial branch, is being weaponized for political gain. No greater evidence can be found than the bogus Russia collusion hoax leveled against President Trump.

It was a complete sham. Using the FBI and the DOJ, liberals attacked the president from the moment he announced his intention to run for office. It has never stopped. However, President Trump is not a coward. He fought back against the corruption.

President Trump sued many individuals and former officials who were the driving-force behind the crooked Russia hoax. It was an attempted coup against his administration. These corrupt D.C. bureaucrats tried to circumvent the will of the people and seize control of the government.

The Russia collusion hoax was one of the “biggest political scandals in modern history.” President Trump had every right to seek legal remedy for what they did to him. However, his case fell at the foot of the bench of a Bill Clinton appointed judge.

The ugly face of judicial partisanship was blatantly obvious. Clinton-appointed Judge Donald Middlebrooks and Judge Ryon McCabe both refused to recuse themselves despite obvious bias. Additionally, they refused to even hear the facts.

In an obviously biased decision, the cases were dismissed. Middlebrooks went so far as to threaten President Trump’s legal team. The corrupt judge said there would be “consequences” for filing a legal action against Hillary Clinton.

Goodness, we certainly can see where the judicial corruption leads. Crooked Hillary had the audacity to demand that President Trump pay her legal fees. This is the same type of judicial bias that has been weaponized by the Biden administration.

Barack Obama exercised the same corrupt power. These three elite families are akin to mobsters. They have hijacked the U.S. judicial system for political gain. The Clintons, Bidens and Obamas are part of a globalist elite class that thinks it knows better than everyone else.

A two-party system of government stands in the way of their Marxist ideology. They must transform America into single-party rule. But Americans don’t want to be a communist nation. They’re going to fight back.

So, these radical leftists must do it secretively. The left has infiltrated the upper echelon of the FBI. Joe Biden has appointed a resentful judge as his U.S. Attorney General. Merrick Garland has a bitter hatred for conservatives for refusing him a chance at the Supreme Court.

After witnessing the level of political bias Garland holds, it’s a good thing. But what’s astonishing is how much money these bogus legal scandals cost taxpayers. The final price tag for the bogus Mueller investigation into the Russia collusion hoax was nearly $32 million!

Here’s an idea. Maybe Hillary Clinton should crack open her little piggybank and pay back the American taxpayer for the phony Russia collusion hoax she propagated. Wonder how crooked Hillary would respond to an order to pay those hefty legal fees?

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