Death in America: Two States Codify Unlimited Abortions

California and Vermont sit at opposite ends of the country on a U.S. map. They have drastically different climates as well. But they agree on one thing. After the 2022 midterm elections, California and Vermont believe the opposite of how most Americans feel about abortion.

Both Vermont and California voters approved that it is a woman’s right to kill an unborn child without recourse. In ballot referendums on each state’s ballot, voters approved limitless abortion measures. California is about as far to the left as a state can get.

However, Vermont isn’t far behind. In the recent 2022 midterm elections, Vermont elected a Republican governor, but the state is still considered “deep blue.” To prove how progressive Vermont really is, “The Green Mountain State” pushed through a terribly radical abortion law.

After the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, responsibility for passing abortion legislation was returned to the states. Many had abortion referendums on the midterm ballot. California and Vermont had two of the most radical left-leaning options.

Each was approved. Under the false pretense of “women’s reproductive rights,” California and Vermont passed laws that will allow limitless abortion. These radical decisions pave the way for killing unborn children right up until birth.

Both state constitutions now make murder legal. Democrat Senate President Pro Tem Toni Atkins authored the California bill. Atkins told The Los Angeles Times that California voters sent a “loud, clear message to those who think they can control our bodies.”

The liberal left does not value the sanctity of life. It’s obvious. How could anyone advocate for killing a living, breathing human being? Babies feel pain. Who’s standing up for the “messages” that the unborn cannot utter? What about these voices?

Calvary Chapel Chino Hills Pastor Jack Hibbs is sticking up for the unborn. Hibbs told The Epoch Times. “The biggest battleground and the most significant war that’s taking place in this nation is the demonic murder of children in the womb, and California is leading the way.”

California state law currently defines the term “perinatal” as “the period from the establishment of pregnancy to one-month following delivery.” Are they really serious? This law reads that a mother can kill a one-month-old baby. This is absurd.

Susan Arnall is the vice president of legal affairs at the Right to Life League. Arnall insists that “AB 2223 will prevent any investigation into the cause of a baby’s death, erasing justice for the unwanted baby born alive.” These are the two most radical laws allowing late-term abortion.

They amount to nothing more than a license to murder. It should come as no surprise which states have allowed this heinous killing of unborn children. These laws speak volumes about the voters who live in these states and opted to allow children to be killed. It’s just wrong.

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