Democrat Politician Admits to Writing FAKE Racist Letter to Himself

A politician is the latest to join in the absurd trend of faking racist experiences.

Jonathan Lopez, a recent candidate for the Board of Commissioners in Umatilla County, Oregon, decided he could cash in on the current racial tensions by staging a racist letter.

The would-be commissioner apparently wrote a letter to himself filled with racial slurs, telling him that the fictitious authors would make sure he never wins. In addition, the letter threatens to make Lopez’s family.

According to a local news station (KEPR-TV), Lopez responded to the fraudulent letter in a now-removed Facebook post:

“We now more than ever must address these issues that are destroying and distancing us from unification. We must be mature and adults about things and address them properly at a table or meeting in which we can come to an agreement or mutual understanding!”

Apparently, Lopez’s concept of unity is to fabricate lies to fit his narrative. In an attempt to appear magnanimous and demonstrate his version of unity, Lopez went on to say,

“I hold no resentment for whom ever wrote this; I’m just simply heartbroken for the lack of knowledge, education, and respect missing. I pray for you and wish you prosperity in your life. God bless us all!”

After giving the local police a copy of the letter, Lopez eventually confessed to having fabricated the whole ordeal. The East Oregonian reports that after having been found out, Lopez attempted to backtrack by saying he “never meant to mislead” the public. If he was not seeking to mislead the public, just what was he trying to do?

It seems his apology may be too late.  The Hermiston Police Chief Jason Edmiston has stated the case will be forwarded to the District Attorney’s office. According to the Eastern Oregon reports, Edmiston said,

“From the onset, this alleged incident has been thoroughly investigated. Our investigation has shown that Mr. Lopez wrote the letter himself and made false statements to the police and on social media. The end result is a verbal and written admission by Mr. Lopez that the letter was fabricated.”

“This investigation is particularly frustrating as we are in the midst of multiple major investigations while battling a resource shortage due to the current pandemic. The time spent on this fictitious claim means time lost on other matters, not to mention it needlessly adds to the incredible tension that exists in our nation today. As a lifelong resident of this diverse community, I’m disgusted someone would try to carelessly advance their personal ambitions at the risk of others.”

If this weren’t bad enough, apparently, Lopez sought to win over supporters by saying he served in the U.S. Coast Guard. However, according to the Hermiston Police Department, Lopez never served in the Coast Guard.

It seems the citizens of Umatilla County were fortunate Lopez lost his election.

KEPRTV | East Oregonian



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