Democrats Are Calling Potential 2024 Presidential Candidate "Worse Than President Trump"

In what we suspect amounts to a badge of honor, Florida governor Ron DeSantis has been labeled 'worse than' President Donald Trump. Supposed comedian Samantha Bee bestowed the honor on the conservative powerhouse on her show, "Full Frontal."

In an excruciatingly unhilarious clip she shared on Twitter, Bee tried her best to take down both Trump and DeSantis while analyzing results from a poll taken at a Christian college.

Participants ranked the governor three points higher than the president as the leader they'd most like to see in the White House in 2024.

Of course, Bee cited DeSantis's Trumpian outlook as a negative. She went on to produce evidence of his supposed racism and homophobia by citing a bill banning the destruction of racist statues and, without context, a vote against a bill that would fund therapy for Pulse nightclub survivors. She also claimed DeSantis refused to give back donations from what she called racist donors.

Full Frontal tweeted,

In a recent straw poll, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis came out as Republicans’ first choice for the 2024 presidential election. But before you celebrate Republicans turning away from Trump, take a look at all the ways Ron DeSantis could much worse!

Democrats hate a confident, take-charge republican and are in love with hyperbole, so it comes as no surprise that the popular governor has become their latest "racist" bogeyman. DeSantis takes action as soon as the need arises, and he doesn't care what people say about him.

Responses to the unfunny lady's tweet show that leftists aren't just threatened by DeSantis; they also consider Josh Hawley and other Trumpian republicans a threat to democracy -- although you could easily replace 'democracy' with 'the swamp' to get the real meaning of their messages.

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