Democrats Arguing AGAINST Removing Dead People from Voter Rolls - Wait Until You Hear Why!

Our voting system the way that it is currently set up is severely flawed. I honestly don't even think the word "flawed" captures the mess that it is.

We all saw what happened on election night and I'm not even just referring to President Trump "losing" the election, but I'm talking about real substantial problems with the way it is set up.

Now, we have non-citizens voting, the voting machines manipulate data internally and it goes unchecked and the Democrats even fight against being able to check it. There are people who vote multiple times, people who change votes for others, people who don't live in a particular state but are allowed to vote in that state, and then possibly the worst of all, dead people voting.

How is it that people who have died still are able to vote?

The answer should be obvious and the answer is voter fraud. Someone votes for another individual illegally. And this just happens all the time. Why would they not be taken off of voter rolls? Well, that answer is also just as obvious, it's because Democrats use them to their advantage.

However, as common sense as this may seem, the Democrats have been arguing against it. During a committee meeting, a ruckus occurred while debating this topic.

Democrats claim that removing dead people from the voter rolls would be an act of voter supression!

One of the bills being tossed around in Congress is H.R. 1. This bill:

  • Prohibits states from requiring more than a signature to verify a person’s eligibility to register to vote. [Sec. 1004]
  • Prohibits states from requiring voter ID at the polls- a sworn statement is all that can be required for identification. [Sec. 1903]
  • Forces states to use same-day registration, requiring only signature attestation as to a registrant’s eligibility, and requiring that the registrant be allowed to cast a vote that day, with no mention of it being provisional. [Sec. 1031]
  • Prohibits states from banning curbside voting on election day. [Sec. 1908]
  • Forces states to use ballot drop boxes for absentee and early voting and have them available at least 45 days before the election and “during all hours of the day.” [Sec. 1907]
  • Automatically registers to vote all eligible “individuals” (as opposed to “citizens”) whose names and addresses appear in state and federal government databases (this also means that the federal government will decide a person’s domicile and thus their taxing state). States have up to four months to even notify the person that they have been automatically registered. [Sec. 1012]

And these are only some of the things that this bill would do. Wait until you see the rest of it.

I think our country has become too big for a one size fits all federal government, honestly. I think it would be better just to go with 50 separate governors in control at this point. You've got to think, we now have more than 130 times the population that our country has in the 1700s.

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