Democrats Rethinking 2018 After Ossoff Loss

The Democratic party seems to be changing their strategies after the top Democratic contender for the GA-6, Jon Ossoff, lost to Republican Karen handle this week. His defeat is one of many in the special elections processes that have taken place since Donald Trump's victory.

But that's to be expected, I'd say... given that now the liberals are seeing that their Anti-Trump stance isn't going to cut it any longer. They've been trying to ride that wave as much as they can but they've gotten SQUAT for it!

As written for Daily Caller by Ted Goodman:

The Democratic Party asserted that special election Democratic candidates like Ossoff would defeat their Republican opponents because voters are rejecting the Trump agenda.

Ossoff’s failure follows Democratic losses in South Carolina, Montana and Kansas. Democrats and others on the left are coming to the realization that 2018 may not be the sunny forecast that they’ve been predicting since the second Trump took office.

“We’ve been hyper-confused for the past five years,” Connecticut Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy said on MSNBC’s Morning Joe Wednesday. “We need to be hyper-focused on this issue of wage growth and job growth, I think Democrats are scared of this message because it’s what Republicans have been talking about,”

Murphy admitted that Democrats have been distracted by the investigation of ties between the Russian government and Trump campaign officials. Murphy said that Democrats need to focus on issues that have a concrete impact on voters’ lives.

It’s not just members of Congress that are lashing out after Tuesday night’s fallout. Former Obama Adviser Dan Pfeiffer doubled down on the anti-Trump strategy while admitting that it’ll be quite the uphill battle.

After Ossoff Defeat, Dems Start To Second Guess 2018 Prospects

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