DHS Secures Grant to Investigate “Radicalization of Gamers”

Liberals believe the greatest threat to our nation isn’t evil terrorists, but so-called “domestic extremists.” This category of domestic extremism engulfs anyone who disagrees with Democrats’ progressive ideology.

If you don’t want America transformed into a socialist society, a model of Communist China, then you’re a crazy extremist. Joe Biden has said as much during multiple speeches. Anyone who disagrees with liberal policies is a threat to our democracy.

They’re not, but Democrats have to label them as such. If people begin to listen to conservative logic, they too may decide socialism is not the best path for our country. So, Democrats tag everyone who isn’t liberal as an anti-American extremist.

They’re using federal law enforcement to target anyone who’s not on board with their radical thinking. The DOJ has attacked parents who don’t want their children indoctrinated into a socialist mindset.

The IRS has targeted conservatives who won’t roll over and kowtow to the liberal political machine. The Department of Homeland Security tried to establish a so-called “disinformation board.” When they were called out on their tyrannical plan, they dropped it.

But that hasn’t stopped the DHS from finding ways to stick their noses into American lives. The Biden administration has just awarded DHS nearly three-quarters of a million dollars to fight terrorism. Will the DHS investigate foreign terrorist organizations?

Will this grant focus on weeding out nefarious types who mean to do the nation wrong? Nope, the DHS has been written a blank check for $699,763 to “study the cross-section of extremism and gaming.” Yep, you read that correctly. Gamers are now a threat to American democracy.

Nearly $700,000 has been earmarked to weed out the “radical extremists” playing video games. The wording in the grant states, “Over the past decade, video games have increasingly become focal points of social activity and identity creation for adolescents and young adults.”

The statement continues, “Relationships made and fostered within game ecosystems routinely cross over into the real world and are impactful parts of local communities.” It’s believed that extremists are using video game communities to spew radical propaganda.

There is no proof that anything remotely like this is happening. The study is a joint venture between The Center on Terrorism, Extremism, and Counterterrorism (CTEC) and the Middlebury Institute of International Studies.

This is a convenient marriage between one entity working to control online behavior and another that specializes in mental health in the gaming community. The project says it will train “centralized resources” on how to evaluate extremist activities in the gaming world.

There will be “a series of training workshops for the monitoring, detection, and prevention of extremist exploitation in gaming spaces.” This appears to be a convenient smokescreen used by “Big Brother” to gain access to another aspect of daily life.

Certain pro-privacy groups like the Electronic Frontier Foundation believe that gamers are “facing more threats to their freedoms than ever before.” Alex Newhouse, the deputy director at CTEC, still believes this is a viable use of government money and authority.

Newhouse thinks gaming venues “provide the structures and the infrastructure for extremists to organize, mobilize, and spread their hateful and extreme ideologies.” We think this latest effort by the DHS is a convenient way to snoop into people’s lives.

It’s difficult to make the case that video gamers are as much of a threat to our democracy as a bunch of terrorists with bombs. But the Biden administration is ready to waste nearly $700,000 to find out. What’s next, a study to uncover radical extremists who watch cartoons?

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