Did DHS Really Place A Watermark on Ballots as Part of Election Fraud Sting?!

Okay, everyone. If what I'm about to tell you is true, then this has got to be the most next level thing that any politician has ever done.

If this is true, then President Trump just outsmarted everyone and inevitably will expose the Democrats and the Deep State.

The rumor that I'm hearing is that the Department of Homeland Security actually put in place a sting operation for this election.

From what I've seen, DHS announced that there was a federal government sting planned and executed for this election. It was established that this was intentional to determine the margin of fraud in the election system. With confusion in the election results as it is, the amount of fraud identifiers found in this sting is staggering.

Supposedly, there is a watermark on all of the legitimate ballots to act as a security measure.

Thus far, 48% of the ballots that they reviewed did not have that watermark on them. The biggest offenders found so far have been Arizona and Michigan.

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency was founded after the 2018 midterm elections.

From what I can tell, if this is true, then what would have had to have happened is that the federal government would have had to have placed the watermarks on the paper and then have it sent out to each state, because to my knowledge, each state, and maybe even each county prints their own ballots since they are all different.

I'm going to be honest, this really seems too good to be true so I'm not going to get my hope up about this. But one woman put this to the test and examined her strip from her ballot and there at least appears to be some dots on the paper which she says is what she's read to be the watermark, but I haven't seen anything to verify that. Honestly, I haven't seen anything to verify any of this, but this is the rumor that's going around.

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