DISGUSTING DEMOCRAT Caught Paying for Hate Crime Attack on Republican Female Opponent

On June 24th, Representative Vincente Gonzales, a Democrat from Texas, transferred $1,200 to the McHale Report Blog in exchange for "advertising services." What exactly is included in these services? Mayra Flores, his Republican opponent, was the target of racial slurs from him. This sort of behavior is par for the course for white supremacists affiliated with the Democratic party. Will he draft a bill to legalize the practice of slavery once again, or will he pay someone else to do it for him?

Flores has been subjected to vicious and persistent attacks by the McHale Report Blog, which has referred to her as "Miss Frijoles" more than 20 times. Even white supremacist Jill Biden has refrained from referring to Mexicans as breakfast tacos more than once.

Flores tweeted on Monday:

“My far-left opponent, Vincent Gonzalez, hired a local blogger to run hateful & racist ads against me. But, I love frijoles & I grew up eating frijoles. I am not embarrassed by my upbringing & frijoles w/tortillas de harina are simply the best. Here’s to Miss Frijoles 2022.” 

Jerry McHale also wrote:

“Does Flores want Trump to come & take her p****?”

“Miss Enchiladas” and similar terms. Included in other posts is conversation with a friend who discusses not wanting to spend the night with Flores because of concerns about “rotten p****.”

“I am a liberal Democrat. And it’s war against the Republican. I’m going to be merciless with her.”

“If you entertain any illusions of winning, you’re going to have to run on stronger issues than being baptized, Miss Frijoles. In your rebuttal to Miss Flores’ designation, you expressed your love for frijoles. Be careful, and don’t eat too many because you’ve already done enough farting out of your mouth.”

I've said it over and over again. Democrats are some of the most terrible people on the planet. They have no morals because they have no basis for morality. And they're all products of the system.

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