Doctor Charges a Girl With a Rare Disease for Crying During her Appointment (VIDEO)

Most people agonize, at least a little, when opening a bill. This is especially true if it’s one from a medical visit. Rarely is our angst reduced by a surprisingly reasonable “final payment due”. Usually, we’re shocked near to the point of uncontrollable sobbing.

Our medical system is wrought with suspiciously high and often outlandish fees. But what if someone, especially a young child, whimpers or cries during a doctor’s office visit? Sure, we may find the cost of any necessary procedure to be painstakingly excessive.

However, what if the bill included a fee for having cried? That would never happen, or so you think. This is exactly what happened to one woman after she cried during her appointment. Camille Johnson, a New York City YouTuber, shared the receipt on Twitter.

The receipt from this woman’s doctor visit showed a charge for a “brief emotional/behavioral assessment. She was charged $40 because she cried. The invoice itemized an eye-watering charge on the receipt.

The tweet sparked anger across social media. Most criticized the terrible state of America's “broken healthcare system.” Seeing a bill containing such an insane charge cements that notion. The little girl was Johnson’s little sister.

Johnson shared how her younger sibling has been “really struggling with a health condition lately and finally got to see a doctor.” But the bill was what fired up Camille. She shared that “They charged her $40 for crying.”

Even more astounding was that the senseless charge for an “emotional behavior assessment” was more than three of the necessary procedures. Camille Johnson’s tweet received a mound of support.

Twitter users shared their compassion, sympathy, and well-wishes for her younger sister. But no one mentioned any type of shock at the audacity of such a medical charge. The whopping $350 charge just below the $40 tip for emotional consultation was not mentioned either.

That seems almost as strange. But maybe the doctor felt they should include an automatic gratuity for assisting the emotionally distraught. Nevertheless, one astute Twitter user posted a comment that saw through this charade.

Winston Smith tweeted, “I'm surprised that so many are surprised. Our health care system is pure raw capitalism; this is what that looks like. They sell their time, you buy it.” Winston Smith is correct. The U.S. healthcare system is broken. You can complain, but don’t cry about it. It’ll cost ya!

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