Doctor Puts MSNBC News Anchor in Her Place After Admitting to Jogging with Two Masks Despite Being Fully Vaccinated

The common sense deficit of the regressive left knows no boundaries as evidenced by MSNBC's Joy Reid. The host of "The Reidout" insists on wearing two masks while jogging despite being fully vaccinated.

She explained her convictions to pulmonologist Dr. Vin Gupta who explained her actions were contradictory to CDC guidelines. Dr. Gupta also stated Coronavirus transmission outdoors was incredibly rare. Reid is adamant about living in fear of normal activities despite being a proud member of Team Pfizer.

“I am among the fully vaccinated, joined team Pfizer, and I did go jogging today in the park. And I did — this was the mask that I wore with a doctor’s mask under it. And most of the people that I saw that were in the park — the park was packed — I would say like 95% of the people still had masks on.”

Dr. Gupta went on to say a virus does not find warm, humid air favorable but prefers cold and dry.

“Nobody should judge anybody else’s personal health decisions. Having said that, I will say that the CDC was well-timed to put this out there. Because there is no data — frankly, there’s not been data for many months now that outdoor transmission is a thing, especially in warm, humid air, where Joy, we know respiratory viruses don’t like warm, humid air. They like cold, dry air. So, you have warmer weather, you have the fact that more people are vaccinated, the wind currents, there’s no way you’re going to really get exposed unless maybe you’re at a rave or outdoor concert where you’re really close to people who are not masking. Outside of that, this is the wise policy.”

Reid did not back down stating she wasn't up for someone's "backdraft". Dr. Gupta also cautioned against outdoor concerts or raves.

He also was firm about not judging other people for their health choices. It's delightful to see so many people getting their facts straight in one breath and completely dismantling them in another.

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