Dr. Birx Confirms COVID Didn’t Come from Nature – “Came Out of a Box Ready to Infect!”

During a Face the Nation interview on March 15, 2020, Dr. Anthony Fauci talked to the American people about a sudden global virus outbreak. What happened after this interview was catastrophic. COVID-19 evolved into the worst health crisis in over 100 years.

Ultimately, millions of people died. In mid-May 2022, the United States reached 1 million COVID-19-related deaths. The virus has devastated economies and destroyed lives. However, the death and destruction pale in comparison to the lies that trusted medical experts told.

Dr. Anthony Fauci has been the worst. His interview with Margaret Brennan was full of so much B.S., it’s virtually impossible to figure out what he was thinking. One key thing on Dr. Anthony Fauci’s mind was how he could easily be linked to the worst global health crisis in a century.

His primary agenda was to cover up any trail of evidence that might lead to discovering the origin of the virus. Fauci knew how problematic the truth might be for himself and other twisted scientists at the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Fauci was the director of the NIH. He was responsible for approving U.S. taxpayer dollars for scientific research. His agency allowed hundreds of thousands of dollars to sift into the hands of Chinese virologists in Wuhan, China. Many believe this is the origin of COVID-19.

Fauci denied it. He and his co-conspirators even went so far as to bury any evidence that the Wuhan Institute of Virology was the source. If the virus was proven to have leaked from this lab, Fauci and the NIH might well be deemed culpable in the deaths of millions.

As more evidence gradually materialized, it became increasingly apparent that the virus did leak from a lab. In all likelihood, the Wuhan facility was the source. Fauci’s NIH condoned and contributed to the dangerous gain-of-function research, research which eventually killed people.

Throughout the early stages of the pandemic, during most of the public updates, Dr. Deborah Birx stood beside Fauci. She was a highly respected AIDS research physician and an expert on virus transmission. Americans trusted her. They trusted Dr. Anthony Fauci as well.

That trust was misguided. These two, along with most of the scientific community, lied repeatedly. They lied about preventative measures. They lied about mask effectiveness. However, and most of all, they lied about the origins of the virus.

Despite Fauci’s insisting that the virus came from nature, he knew it didn’t. He would be on the hook if the truth came out. Fauci had to work to cover up the truth. It’s one of the most criminal scientific schemes in history. He should be charged with multiple crimes and placed in prison.

Once a parrot of everything Fauci said, Dr. Birx has come clean. The infectious diseases expert told the Daily Mail that she is now certain that the virus “came out of a box ready to infect.” Anyone who said this for more than two years was censored.

Medical professionals were thrown off of social media sites or their opinions were blocked. Anyone who talked about the lab leak theory was called a conspiracy nut. They were not. Birx’s statement confirms the lab leak theory’s truth. Many believed it all along.

However, she also insisted that it probably didn’t happen on purpose. Birx said, “It happens. Labs aren’t perfect, people aren’t perfect, we make mistakes, and there can be contamination.” This may well be true, but it brings up another critical point.

This type of dangerous research does not have any scientific benefit compared to the cost of millions of human lives. Dr. Anthony Fauci, still to this day, believes in gain-of-function as a viable tool for science. Fauci is nothing more than the equivalent of a fictional “mad scientist.”

He is dangerous, and he is a liar. Dr. Deborah Birx is, in many respects, as culpable as others. However, she was not in charge of covering up the truth. Dr. Anthony Fauci was the ringleader. He purposefully lied. Fauci says he’s going to retire soon.

Dr. Anthony Fauci should be retired to a federal penitentiary for crimes against humanity. His deceptive lies cost millions of lives. No one should ever forget that. If he’s not held accountable in this life, we can only hope there’s accountability on the other side.

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