Eccentric Comedian Andy Dick’s Arrest for Sexual Batter Live-Streamed

Many on-stage performers have some rather bizarre personality characteristics. These types of things sort of go with the territory. Despite being wildly talented, they often lead peculiar lifestyles. Until their bizarre behavior crosses a line, it’s tolerated.

Andy Dick is one such talent. While many find Dick’s humor to be anything but humorous, he has made a healthy living as a comedian. Dick is most known for his outrageous and often rude performances on Comedy Central’s Roasts.

No one who has watched much of Andy Dick denies that he is a peculiar bird. However, it’s some of Dick’s peculiarities that just landed him in jail. Besides his eccentric behavior, Dick has experienced issues with drug addiction and sexual misconduct.

Some insist he’s a pervert. The sexual misconduct issues are what got him arrested. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office received a call the other morning. The complaint was from a male who said he was the victim of a sexual assault.

The alleged assault happened at the O’Neill Regional Park campground facility in Orange County, California. Police did not release the name of the person charged. But a good old YouTube video took care of that.

A YouTube channel entitled “Captain Content RV” videoed the entire encounter, including the events leading up to the arrest. The accuser, who goes by the name J.J., alleges that Dick sexually assaulted him in his sleep.

Apparently, J.J. noticed some rather bizarre smells coming from a rather bizarre place on his body. He felt as if he had some type of lotion or body lube in his butt. Dick was confronted with the accusation. However, the comedian was more concerned about his missing drugs.

Despite Dick’s denial that anything happened, the Orange County Sheriff took him into custody. The police report said that based on “information that was given to them” by the alleged victim, an arrest was warranted. They also completed a thorough onsite investigation.

There was no immediate report of charges being filed, but Dick did post a $25,000 bond to secure his release. This isn’t the first time Dick got himself into hot water because of alleged sexual improprieties. In 2018, he pled not guilty to misdemeanor battery and sexual battery.

Dick was charged with groping a ride-haul driver in 2019, and smashing a bottle over his boyfriend’s head in 2021. Comedians are eccentric. However, Andy Dick seems to have taken his level of eccentricity to a scary level. We think he’s just your garden-variety pervert.

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