Eerie Video Shows Sheep Walking in Circle Non-Stop for 12 Days

Some wonder if creepy scientists aren’t already perfecting a method of mind control. It would be easy to suggest that watching things in Communist China would put the CCP on the list of prime suspects.

The CCP has been accused of many things, and mind control is definitely one of them. But could these attempts work on animals as well? If China is trying to mastermind a method for controlling human minds, the experiment may have absorbed a few “real sheep.”

Recently, in China’s Mongolia region, a heard sheep have been videoed. The odd thing about these sheep is that they’ve been walking around in a circle for 12 straight days. In fact, they’re walking around in a perfect circle.

These sheep have an audience of their own kind. This bizarre behavior has been captured on video surveillance cameras. The flock just seems determined to keep right on marching around and around in a circle.

Occasionally, some of the sheep that are just watching will congregate in the middle. They just stand motionless. There are a bunch of sheep in this flock. According to the sheep owner, Ms. Miao, the only sheep that seem to be affected are from pen number 13.

The Chinese media aren’t able to find anything visibly wrong with the sheep. They all seem as healthy as those that are not meandering in a circle. There is a bacterial disease called listeriosis that might be responsible for this weird behavior.

Listeriosis is also known as “circling disease.” However, when sheep and goats get listeriosis, they usually die within a day or two. These sheep have been playing “merry-go-round” for nearly two weeks. They almost appear to be brainwashed.

Another characteristic of the disease is disorientation. Goats and sheep are prone to propelling themselves into corners or just leaning idly up against objects until they fall over dead. Another characteristic is circling to the affected side. However, they invariably die soon after.

These sheep seem to be “following the herd,” so to speak. But there’s always the bizarre chance that these sheep are following the example of their human countrymen and women. Like sheep, the Chinese will follow the herd, around and around and around.

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