Elections Operative Who Deleted Maricopa Database Before Audit DID NOT Have Proper Access to Room and Knew Exactly What to Delete!

Arizona was one of the key swing states where Joe Biden needed to overtake President Trump during the 2020 election. Democrats knew Biden would probably lose. They had to have an insurance policy that Biden would carry Arizona, along with other critical swing states.

So, what did they do? They cheated. How they expected to never get caught is baffling. The brazenness of some of the cheating is astounding. Nevertheless, through the efforts of dedicated election investigators, what many people believe to be true is coming out.

Shortly after the election was completed, Arizona’s conservative lawmakers smelled a rat. There were more votes cast in some precincts than there were registered voters. Registered voter rolls did not match the number, age, or demographic data in parts of the state.

Many things about the 2020 presidential election results did not coincide with common logic. It became increasingly clear that the election was not authentic. There was cheating, and it appears that there was a lot of cheating.

One of Arizona’s biggest counties is Maricopa. Maricopa County has been the focus of intense election investigations. The Arizona Senate requested an audit of the 2020 election data. However, that data was “conveniently” deleted.

For months, the person who erased the data in Maricopa County was a mystery. Henceforth, proving voter fraud was difficult. The liberals were covering their tracks. However, through the efforts of organizations such as We the People AZ Alliance, the truth is being exposed.

When the data was requested for an audit, it wasn’t there. But how did all the election records from Maricopa County mysteriously disappear? The data was illegally erased. But who erased them? It turns out that an election office employee illegally gained access to the server room.

Brian Ramirez is that employee. He did not have clearance to even be in the server room, let alone delete anything. However, Ramirez is caught on camera using the credentials of at least two other elections employees who had legal clearance.

He snuck into the room, alone, and purposefully targeted the database records that would prove an election crime had been committed. No one is supposed to be in the server room alone, let alone indiscriminately erase data. A crime was committed.

The crime was caught on camera. The evidence shows a shameless disregard for the law. Why haven’t Maricopa County authorities filed charges against Brian Ramirez? The evidence of his guilt is overwhelming. Furthermore, why hasn’t Brian Ramirez been arrested?

Will anyone ever be held accountable for a crime against the American people? Conservatives can never give up. As investigations unfold, the truth will be revealed. Joe Biden cheated, and those who helped need to go to prison! If not, it will only happen again.

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