Elementary Students Tell the Bidens What They Really Think About Virtual Learning

Education experts have been analyzing mounds of data. Many informed professionals have been sounding alarms about how virtual learning is affecting our youth. There have been studies indicating adverse effects on children from remote learning used as a result of Wuhan Virus restrictions in America's schools.

The consensus has stressed an overwhelming number of problems. Besides stealing over a year of educational development from our children, there are also new problems being revealed. We're wondering how many other bad habits virtual learning is breeding in our students.

Joe Biden visited a fifth-grade class in Yorktown, Virginia. During an open discussion with students, some eye-opening things were said. Some students said they faked computer problems to avoid answering test and quiz questions.

Other students said they took naps when they were supposed to be paying attention. There were other odd behaviors that would be unacceptable in the classroom. One child thought it sort of funny that they could grab a snack during class whenever they wanted.

There is no denying that the level of distractions present outside the classroom would increase. However, it also appears there are other types of behavior that have become acceptable in the remote learning environment.

As we watched the video of Biden and his wife's visit, we were as much taken aback by the revelations as we were with the cavalier way the President and First Lady responded towards these revelations. It was as if they were thinking, "oh how funny". The devastation remote learning has caused our children academically is far from funny.

One would think our leaders would show some sense of alarm at behaviors that further compromised the ability for kids to learn. I suppose when your heart isn't fully into opening all schools across America, you'll appear that way.

Even after hearing an actual teacher proclaim the importance and benefits of in-person learning, the Biden Administration still deflects to the American Federation of Teachers on a national policy to reopen all schools. So much for listening to the science Joe.

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