EPIC! Gov. DeSantis Calls Out Joe Biden on Cuba

The Cuban people are crying out for freedom, and the United States is doing nothing to help. Joe Biden appeared at a town hall in front of a half-empty crowd.

The meeting aired on CNN Wednesday evening around the same time Florida governor Ron DeSantis spoke at a town hall on the Fox News network.

As he praised the courageous Cuban citizens for standing up to their socialist government, the take-action governor accused Joe Biden of showing cowardice through his inaction.

When asked by Fox News host Sean Hannity what the White House occupant should be doing, DeSantis said Biden should authorize U.S. companies to provide internet service to the island.

“Step up and be on the side of freedom,” DeSantis responded. “The Internet access is something we have the capability of doing. We have companies in the U.S. that want to do it, but they need the OK of the federal government. He has it within his authority to do that. He could make it happen.”

“And if he’s willing to do that, I think it will make a positive difference,” he continued. “As it stands now, he’s basically just sitting there doing nothing. He’s leaving these folks out to dry. And what’s going to end up happening, if they’re — they don’t get any type of assistance, the regime will continue to clamp down, and they will eventually stamp this out, and then they will remain even stronger in power. And that will be a huge blow to the cause of freedom.”

The Cuban authoritarian government shut off internet access to residents after videos of mass protests began circulating. Ron DeSantis said that American companies are willing to provide service and that they're only waiting for the go-ahead from the United States federal government. The governor said that Cubans were being left "out to dry" and that continued inaction will only strengthen the power of the Cuban dictatorship.

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