EPIC! Massive 'Latinos For Trump' Caravan in Florida – OVER 4,000 VEHICLES! (VIDEO)

Kamala Harris recently made a stop in Miami to try and garner some support among the Latino community, but it became very clear that it's not going to be happening there in southern Florida.

When Harris arrived in Miami, she saw the streets lined with people with flags that read"Latinos for Trump" with signs saying "No Communista. No Socialista."

But we saw a demonstration of just how much support there is for President Trump among the Latino population in South Florida when there was a massive caravan of over 4,000 vehicles!


That is absolutely massive! Florida is usually a state that can flip either way in the election, but it looks like it should be and easy win this year for President Trump.

If liberals would stop for a moment and realize something, they would have to really evaluate their political stance. I'm referring to the fact that these Latinos in Miami are largely made up of people from socialist countries like Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua. Why is it you think that they do not support Joe Biden and the Democrats?

It should be painfully obvious to them. It's because they came from socialist countries and they can see that everything that they're pushing for wreaks of heavy-handed socialism and they don't want any part of it.

One person tweeted, "Caravan for Trump rally in Miami. There's at least 400 cars so far, probably more. Event starts at 2pm and cars keep pouring in. You can hear the honking of cars waiting to come in. Enthusiasm is high!!"

I tell people this all the time and they may think I'm exaggerating, but President Trump is going to easily win this election because there is so much support out there for him that people don't realize, just like there was in 2016. This time around, I think the support is MUCH higher.


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