ER Nurse Gets COVID Vaccine, 8 Days Later This Happened

As they're able to, people are getting vaccinated in large for the coronavirus.

I can understand why people want to get the vaccination. They want to protect themselves from the virus that has been ravaging our country.

People just want to get back to living their normal lives as much as possible. For some, that will never happen because there have been businesses ruined, jobs lost, homes seized, and family and friends who have died.

The first round of vaccinations is being administered to the elderly, those at high risk, and front line workers.

One such front line worker in the San Diego area received the Pfizer vaccine on December 18th. Then, just eight days later, he tested positive for COVID-19.

He said that he started feeling sick on Day 6 post-vaccination, feeling fatigued and having chills and muscle aches.

"It's not unexpected at all. If you work through the numbers, this is exactly what we’d expect to happen if someone was exposed," said Dr. Christian Ramers, an infectious disease specialist with Family Health Centers of San Diego. He serves on the clinical advisory panel for the county’s vaccine rollout.

He points out, it is possible Matthew was infected before receiving the vaccine, as the incubation period may be as much as two weeks. Dr. Ramers says if Matthew did contract it after the vaccine, it’s still in line with what we know.

I haven't had COVID, but everyone that I've talked to developed symptoms about 2-1/2 to 3 days after exposure. So while it is possible for it to incubate for two weeks, it's really not likely.

There are definitely pros and cons that should be weighed out before making a decision as to whether or not you are going to be one of the people who gets the vaccination when it comes time for you to be able to. I would encourage you to make sure you have all of the information available and make a wise decision.

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