European Country Bans COVID Vaccines for Almost Everyone Under Age 50

The U.S. response to COVID-19, policies that were supposed to protect American lives, has been an abject failure. Despite their claims that their mandates were designed to save lives, the U.S. ranks poorly against other countries with half our resources.

Scientific bureaucrats have failed. Their knee-jerk recommendations have often made matters worse. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC), supposedly staffed by experts, has admitted to failing miserably with its policies and decisions to address the pandemic.

How many Americans may have died because of ignorant and haphazard decisions? How many more people will endure health problems and possibly death from the ever-increasing number of side effects inherent in the medicine these same blowhards said would save the world?

Many American institutions are still mandating unnecessary vaccinations, despite the growing risk. Young children, who have little to no chance of getting terribly sick or dying from COVID-19, are being jabbed haphazardly with a vaccine tested on a few rats.

College students are being forced to face expulsion from school if they choose not to submit to rabid vaccine compliance orders. When will someone in the scientific community finally speak out against these egregiously abusive mandates?

In contrast to the U.S. narrative that is pushing “the jab” on any living, breathing human organism, Denmark is saying enough. The Danes have figured out that for the vast majority of their citizens, getting the “COVID-jab” is simply not necessary.

Denmark will no longer offer boosters or vaccines to people under the age of 50, unless they fall into a high-risk category. With the strange prevalence of vaccinated people continuing to catch variants, this also seems like sensible medical advice.

But U.S. medical experts and scientific bureaucrats are still “selling the vaccine.” That may well be closer to the truth than any belief that these shots actually help battle the virus. It’s about “selling the vaccine.” Sell, sell, sell!

These same people suppressed the effectiveness of alternative treatments against COVID-19, despite successful strategies such as therapeutics. See, if patients chose the therapeutic route, there wouldn’t be the jingle of cash registers, signally more “big profits” for Big Pharma.

Sources have come forward that say Saint Anthony Fauci, the patron saint of all-things COVID, got kickbacks for pushing the vaccines. One expert epidemiologist even suggests that the mRNA vaccines are actually “biological weapons.”

Strange increases in otherwise healthy people dying should be a red flag. No one wants to talk about it. The conversation is still about when everybody needs to get “another jab!” When is it time to get “boosted”? This is a total scam.

But at least one country is fighting back. How long will it be before other nations act honestly and do the same thing as Denmark? When will the U.S. realize this has been an orchestrated scheme all along?

Maybe things will change in America when a congress with integrity decides to investigate the whole COVID-19 vaccine scam. Millions of Americans trusted these people. There must be consequences. The number of health issues that will finally be exposed will be astronomical.

Vaccine mandates must be stopped. Encouraging people to get these potentially dangerous shots needs to be stopped. U.S. citizens should ask why Denmark is ending them. The decision speaks volumes.

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