Fact Checkers Give Up After Biden's Town Hall Disaster (VIDEO)

Where President Trump would have been under fire, 'fact checkers' are cooling their heels on Biden's latest statement, a slew of statements actually.

During Tuesday's Town Hall event, Biden made a rather bold claim about the China flu vaccines: “It’s one thing to have the vaccine, which we didn’t have when we came into office, but a vaccinator, how do you get the vaccine into someone’s arm? What we did, we got into office and found out the supply, there was no backlog, I mean, there was nothing in the refrigerator, figuratively and literally speaking,”.

If you're familiar at all with social media or MSM, you already know that 'fact checkers' are little more than political thought police, trying to stamp out any sort of opposing view. Ever vigilant in their efforts to slam a post with "misleading" or "false" tags with reference links for your re-educational perusing.

However, when it came to Biden's incredibly 'misleading' statement, these same people had plenty to say - on why it was okay.

“It was a verbal stumble, a typical Biden gaffe,...” then, “People screw up on live television....” Glenn Kessler's golden excuses were echoed by many of these thought police.

Conservative writer and podcast host Stephen L. Miller highlighted Biden himself saying his missteps are not because of his stutter.

“This is not fact checking,” Miller asserted, captioning a video from Axios, titled, “Joe Biden denies that stuttering is to blame for verbal missteps” (video below). “Glenn Kessler is making excuses for Joe Biden that not even Joe Biden himself makes excuses for.”

Just a gaffe. Typical Biden, full of mistakes, missteps, and misspeaking. No need to correct a little mistake like that.

Where was this level of understanding when it came to President Trump? The double standard is understandably sparking backlash.

Apparently, excuses and context are only important when it's someone on their side. The biggest problem being that truth doesn't have a side: opinions do.

Daily Wire

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