FBI Ambushes Trump Election Lawyer John Eastman as He’s Exiting Restaurant with His Wife, Seizes His Phone (VIDEO)

Nancy Pelosi’s January 6 committee is a sham. It is a menagerie of radical Democrats, flavored slightly with a pair of turncoat Republicans. The committee says it’s dedicated to investigating what happened on January 6. It’s not.

The January 6 committee has nothing to do with January 6. This bogus charade serves two key purposes. One is to punish anyone who disagrees with the Biden administration. The other is to try to tag President Donald Trump with a criminal charge, so he can’t run for office again.

Both of these are phony, just like every member on the committee, especially fake Republicans Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger. One individual who strongly disagrees with the legitimacy of the Joe Biden White House is former President Trump election lawyer John Eastman.

Biden sent his corrupt FBI to harass Eastman and his wife. While they were leaving a restaurant, federal agents ambushed them. Eastman was standing with his hands over his head like a criminal. He is anything but. John Eastman is a successful and reputable attorney.

He was treated like a drug thug. Eastman repeatedly asked to see the warrant for seizing his phone out of its case. The FBI agents would not provide one. However, one agent simply reached into Eastman’s phone case and removed his phone.

Eventually, agents handed Eastman what appeared to be a warrant. The entire incident was caught on videotape and played during an interview of Eastman by Fox News’ Tucker Carlson. Eastman says the warrant gives the committee the right to all the information on his phone.

There is no description of what’s wanted off the phone that is critical to the committee’s investigation. This is a general warrant that is a bogus attack on innocent citizens. Such an illegal seizure violates the Fourth Amendment. Eastman has yet to be charged with a crime.

There do not appear to be any pending charges, either. Eastman has filed a “Rule 41” motion in New Mexico. He has asked a judge to order the FBI to return his property. Furthermore, Eastman is petitioning the court to block the January 6 investigators from accessing his phone.

Eastman is a successful attorney. His phone contains various confidential conversations with dozens of clients. These conversations, meetings, and his court schedules for clients are confidential. However, nothing’s confidential to this “Stalinist Committee!”

This Marxist group of crooked politicians is having people arrested, although most of them have committed no crime. They are also ordering illegal searches of the homes of many Trump affiliates. This is third-world country kind of crap.

Politicians are not allowed to target their political enemies using the Department of Justice and federal law enforcement. It’s tyranny. But it’s happening right before our eyes. Attorney John Eastman is the latest victim. However, Eastman looks like someone who might bite back.

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