FBI Busted for Colluding with Hillary to Frame Trump

In our nation’s proud history, there have been a few instances of disturbing political scandals. President Richard Nixon seemingly did the unthinkable. Bill Clinton’s little rendezvous in the Oval Office got him impeached for perjury. There have been others, many less consequential.

However, what happened prior to and after the 2016 U.S. presidential election was the most disgusting political crime in history. The Democrat Party’s presidential campaign, led by crooked Hillary Clinton, devised a scheme to portray her opponent as a Russian agent.

The Russia collusion hoax, which the Clinton campaign concocted against President Donald Trump, was the dirtiest political trick in modern political history. However, it was also a crime. It metastasized into the most destructive political scandal in U.S. history.

But it’s far from over. Soon, the chickens may be coming home to roost. As Special Counsel John Durham’s investigation into the Russia collusion hoax continues, more astonishing facts are unearthed. Some suspected all along what Durham has found to be the truth.

Former Clinton attorney Michael Sussmann is on trial for lying to the FBI. Sussmann triggered the wave of news reports that haunted President Trump’s campaign and eventually his first two years in office. It was a sham.

Acting clearly on orders from Hillary Clinton herself, Sussmann approached his friend at the FBI, James A. Baker. Baker was general counsel for “The Bureau”. The line of B.S. Sussmann fed to Baker was then leaked to the crooked mainstream media.

Liberal-controlled news sources ran with the bogus claims of a Trump tie to Russia. It was a sham from the very beginning. Things got worse. This host of bogus allegations triggered an FBI investigation that ultimately led to Robert Mueller’s being appointed as separate special counsel.

Mueller’s investigation was a fabricated fiasco that found nothing. At a cost of over $30 million, it may be one of the most wasteful uses of taxpayer money in history. It was likewise a sham. But the fuel that stoked the fires of this deceitful political scandal came from within the FBI.

During Sussmann’s trial, former Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook testified. Mook threw Clinton under the bus. He testified that Clinton herself approved the release of the bogus Trump/Russia bank connection. Sussmann was fanning the flames.

The process exploded into a mainstream media frenzy. Do we really think this whole process doesn’t have Hillary Clinton’s dirty little paw prints all over it? Think again. If investigators will just dig deep enough, evidence will reveal that crooked Hillary approved every action.

This will include everything from the initial leak to the media, to the FBI’s bogus FISA search warrants to spy on the Trump campaign. Many believe that Durham’s investigation has Peter Strozk, his lover Lisa Page, and former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe in its crosshairs.

This trio of political crooks is going to be found to have collaborated with Hillary Clinton. There is no way that the former Secretary of State did not have complete control of this entire scheme. This includes everything during the campaign, including what happened during President Trump’s term.

The handful of corrupt agents at the FBI are all equally responsible. By and large, the rank-and-file members of this proud law enforcement agency should be appalled. This small group of crooked cops helped the most crooked politician in history orchestrate her rotten scheme.

They’ve all been busted. From the corrupt lawyer who lied to the FBI to launch this scam, right up to the head crook, Hillary Clinton. They’re all equally culpable in this scam. But crooked Hillary will probably prove insulated from prosecution.

Lifetime political crooks seem to be blanketed by a cloak of illicit protection. But Clinton’s co-conspirators are not. They must be held accountable. Thankfully, John Durham appears well on his way to helping make this happen.

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