Federal Judge Denies Jen Psaki’s Feeble Attempt to Avoid Being Deposed Under Oath

The White House press secretary is the voice of the president. The person has a critical job. He or she is entrusted with answering questions presented by the news media. The media are supposed to request answers on critical questions about issues and concerns of “the people.”

There are daily briefings throughout the week. Sometimes the exchanges between the White House press secretary and the press corps can become contentious. That’s the nature of politics and the news. Most press secretaries are good at their jobs.

Others come across as smug and arrogant. Former Press Secretary Jen Psaki is the latter. Her rude “circle back” answer for many questions abraded many in the news media. However, her condescending attitude was even worse.

It appears Psaki’s smug attitude got a wake-up call. A federal judge has ordered Psaki to provide a deposition in federal court. The case is looking into allegations that the Biden administration and its officials purposefully used big tech firms to censor users.

Much of the substance of the investigation centers on Hunter Biden’s notorious laptop. There have been other blatant instances of censorship, especially on social media platforms. Plaintiffs believe that Jen Psaki should provide a deposition under oath.

Filings say that Psaki made public statements about how the administration pressured Facebook and other social media companies to crack down on supposed disinformation and misinformation.

Furthermore, they believe the administration orchestrated a ban on users. Psaki’s statements show that she had personal knowledge about communications between officials and big tech executives.

A federal judge agrees. U.S. District Judge Terry Doughty said the plaintiffs “have proven that Jennifer Psaki has personal knowledge about the issue concerning censorship across social media as it related to COVID-19 and ancillary issues of COVID-19.”

The Hunter Biden laptop story requires a separate investigation, one that House Republicans promise to pursue. Most expect Jen Psaki’s name to be a high on the list of subpoenas issued as part of these investigations. Things could get a little hot for Psaki.

Psaki made a feeble attempt to avoid being deposed in the current case. She claimed “it would unduly burden her because she would need to spend several days preparing for and participating in the deposition.” The judge says Jen will have to make time.

She’s certainly going to experience a “heated grilling” by attorneys. Things could get hot. We can think of a funny twist on an old saying. Hot kitchens notwithstanding, if you can’t stand the heat, maybe you’d best get out of the White House press room. It’s a little too late for Jen.

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