FINALLY! NYC Cops Step Up and Give Antifa What They Deserve

New York City is making headlines yet again for all the wrong reasons.

This city is so horrible today, but sadly, it's not even the worst city in the country.

I've been to New York City several times and it was an amazing place to be, but you wouldn't catch me dead in NYC today. If I did wind up there, I imagine that's exactly the outcome that I could face, death.

A community center has been ablaze with controversy since a group of Antifa thugs locked themselves inside so they could start some trouble.

Honestly though...what's the purpose of this other than to start problems? Did they plan on living there? It is the belief of the group that squatting is their right though I suppose. That's what they did last summer and it looks like they're trying to do it this summer as well.

As the police issued a warning from outside, it was met with resistance. That's when the entrance was kicked in and arrests were made.

The police had formed a barrier around the front of the community center to wait for someone with a chainsaw to open the barricaded door of the center. They had ordered the group to move back, and when they didn’t, the cops moved in to make arrests. Antifa protesters kept taunting police and trying to get something started but had no chance when police moved in to make arrests.

As the officers moved in, the squatters began to attack them but that was a sore mistake. The rogue faction inside even sent out a message to get protesters to help them inside.

It seemed to be an ill-timed maneuver to take over the Community Center on Broadway. It's quite obvious which strategy worked and which one fell short.

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