First Openly Trans U.S. Army Officer and Wife Are Accused of a Plot to Betray the Country

There’s a growing perception in America that radical progressives have a strangely militant mindset. Extreme lifestyles often go hand in hand with liberal beliefs that the U.S. is bad. Frequently, these types of people are agitators.

Obviously, an extremely radical lifestyle decision is to change one’s biological sex. Transgender people have that right. However, for most Americans, these decisions are radical. In truth, they are. But a recent indictment of a U.S. Army officer and his wife confirms what many believe.

Typically, one radical ideology is only part of a broader sense of radical extremism. This indictment helps prove this theory. Now, not all transgender people have a natural inclination to be wildly radical about numerous things. However, the probability is higher.

In this instance, the two people indicted clearly adhere to a more bizarre gender belief. U.S. Army Major Dr. Jamie Lee Henry and his wife, Dr. Anna Gabrielian, are peculiar bedfellows. As well, they have a bizarre sense of loyalty to the country they serve.

The two are accused of giving medical records to Russia. The records are for patients at Fort Bragg and Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center. According to the unsealed indictment, the U.S. Department of Justice used an undercover FBI agent posing as a Russian embassy staffer.

Gabrielian had allegedly reached out to the Russian embassy, offering to hand over secret medical information. She says she was motivated by her sense of patriotism towards Russia. Henry, the first openly transgender U.S. Army officer in history, is alleged to have helped.

His story was first published by BuzzFeed in 2015. But the issue isn’t only about Henry’s bizarre lifestyle choices. Nor is it about Gabrielian’s odd sense of patriotism towards a dictatorship. The problem is with the prevalence of one radical behavior seemingly connected to others.

These two people have every right to make their own lifestyle choices. They are free to do that in America. However, they are not free to undermine the safety and security of thousands of their fellow citizens. That radical belief is called treason.

The concern for many Americans is that all-too often these far-left radicals hold multiple beliefs that are anti-American. This is only one example. Joe Biden appointed a transgender military officer as Assistant U.S. Health Secretary. Rachel Levine has some bizarre beliefs of his own.

Levine has openly pushed a radical position on how our schools target children’s gender questions. The majority of Americans believe Levine’s ideas are not only bizarre but perverted. This is just another example of how radical ideas in one area bleed into other beliefs.

These are only two examples. There are hundreds more. This is why patriotic Americans are reluctant to openly accept these bizarre lifestyles as common. They’re not. In this instance, it compromised U.S. national security. The risk clearly outweighs the reward.

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