Fmr Dem Congressman stuns audience by defending Trump?!

It's nice to be reminded that sometimes the two parties can, in fact play nice together and such was Democratic Former Rep. Dennis Kucinich coming in defense of POTUS Trump when he stated that "federal agencies were trying to take down the president illegally leaking sensitive intel."

Kucinich is no newcomer. He's a pretty hardcore liberal who served from the mid 90's to the early/mid 2000's. Needless to say his defense of Trump was pretty stunning to many in his party.

“This is very dangerous to America. It’s a threat to our republic. It constitutes a clear and present danger to our way of life,” he said.

He went on and spoke about the "deep state" and that he does, in fact, believe that the current take-down attempts of Donald Trump are a problem in our country. And that what's happening, big picture at least, is a threat to our country on the whole. The deep state is a shadow-government attempt to seize power.

As Written By Jon Street for The Blaze:

Former Ohio Democratic Rep. Dennis Kucinich came to President Donald Trump’s defense Wednesday and said that “politicized” federal agencies are trying to “take down” the president by illegally leaking sensitive and classified information.

Kucinich, a staunch liberal who served in Congress from 1996-2013, told Fox News’ Sean Hannity that the issue poses a “clear and present danger” to America.

Kucinich’s statement came on the heels of Trump-appointed Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s decision to appoint a special counsel to investigate Russia’s meddling in the 2016 presidential election and the Trump campaign’s alleged collusion with the Kremlin.

Trump blasted Rosenstein’s decision in an early Thursday morning tweet storm. He called the investigation the “single greatest witch hunt of a politician in American history.”


Former Democratic congressman stuns Hannity’s audience by defending Trump from ‘deep state’ attacks – TheBlaze

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