Forensic Analyst Claims 300K Mail-In Ballots Fraudulent in Key State, Never Process By USPS (VIDEO)

Joe Biden may have been determined by the electoral votes as the next president of the United States, but the fight for election integrity and showing beyond a shadow of a doubt that the presidential election was not legitimate is far from over.

President Trump has dropped remaining lawsuits in Georgia, but there are still other lawsuits that are still going on and there are still investigations still being performed and there is still plenty of evidence that already exists.

One of the people behind analyzing the ballots is Jovan Pulitzer.

Pulitzer recently did an interview with former CIO operations officer Charles "Sam" Faddis and was discussing some of the developments in the election.

Ground Truth host Sam Faddis talks with Jovan Hutton Pulitzer, pattern recognition specialist and inventor, about allegations of election fraud and how Jovan’s technology has the capability to resolve the controversy surrounding mail-in ballots in the recent Presidential election.


All over the country, we hear allegations of vast numbers of ballots that simply appeared at counting centers. Jovan explains how he can review these ballots en masse and tell us conclusively whether or not they are real and whether they were ever even mailed.

Among the many explosive revelations Jovan makes are that there are somewhere in the neighborhood of 300,000 mail-in ballots that were counted in Pennsylvania and yet do not show up anywhere in the Postal Service tracking system as having been processed. On the face of it, that is 300,000 ballots that seem to have appeared out of thin-air. Joe Biden’s margin of victory in Pennsylvania, as currently tabulated, is slightly over 80,000 votes.

I think the most important thing going forward is doing something to get us past this idea of elections always being rigged. We as Americans MUST have confidence in our elections. We may not like the result of the election, but we must have confidence that the result is genuine and not a result of one party stacking the deck.


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