Former Clinton Advisor Has a Terrifying Prediction About Hillary

Stephen King is one of the most world-renowned horror writers. He is masterful at creating spine-tingling, bone-chilling narratives. But a story written by a former Democrat presidential advisor may have topped even the most masterful of horror novelists.

Dick Morris is a former advisor to Bill Clinton. He knows the Clinton family political machine very well. Morris qualifies as a Clinton insider. While he may not be directly a part of Hillary Clinton’s team, Dick Morris could probably be counted on as a “viably reliable source.”

That’s where things become terrifying. In step with a graphically gory horror novelist, Morris wrote a ghastly column recently in Newsmax. Democrats, and their cronies in the mainstream media, realize that Joe Biden can’t attempt to run for reelection. He’s scary!

His approval ratings among virtually every voter matrix rank his performance as nightmarish. Even two-thirds of Democrats do not want him to run in 2024. He will lose. But who does the radical left have in the bullpen to replace their anointed puppet?

No one, except, of course, if you reach deep into the stable and pull an old mare. Dick Morris is talking openly about what other Democrat operatives are only whispering. First, they have no viable candidate. Second, Hillary Clinton is a familiar face.

She’s got a face that only a mother could love, but crooked Hillary is still a familiar face to the Democrat Party base. But what about the radical shift to the progressive left that the Democrat Party has taken? What type of effect will that have on Hillary Clinton?

She’ll probably genuflect to the radicals just so she can run for “queen,” a fictitious position she believes she’s entitled to. She’s not. Morris thinks that as polls begin to reveal the futility of all Democrat front-runners ahead of the party primary, Hillary will be pressured into running.

He thinks that, “Much like Biden’s surprise entrance in 2020, Democrats will see her as their savior, an experienced politician able to bridge the left and more moderate wings of the party.” Morris went even further, denouncing Hillary’s claim that she would not run.

He thinks that her recent spate of interviews means the opposite. Morris wrote that he feels these sit-downs “are a prelude to her announcement that she’s running.” But some point to the fact that Dick Morris is well known for his flamboyant penchant for the overly dramatic.

He’s an attention-seeking clown. But Dick Morris also knows people who know things. Maybe he’s been entrusted with launching a test balloon for Hillary. A Revival of Hillary Clinton would certainly be an act of Desperation. Crooked Hillary Clinton is like an old Bag of Bones.

Democrats may ultimately have no choice. Hillary may be their only chance at Redemption. But Americans must make The Stand, or Hillary will turn the White House into a Black House. If you think Joe Biden is bad, try to imagine the horror of Hillary Clinton. Like a good Stephen King novel, that’ll keep you up at night!

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